The Financial Transparency Coalition’s funding comes through contributions from foundations and governments. We are grateful for the generous support of all our past and present donors. As advocates for transparency and public access to information, the FTC aspires to practice what we preach. We are disclosing additional financial information beyond what is traditionally made available in our annual audit or our Internal Revenue Service Form 990. With support from and in consultation with our donors and our Coordinating Committee, we plan to publish information about all contributions of $10,000 or more, which account for more than 99% of annual contributions.

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Contributions to the FTC in 2015, our most recent completed financial year:


Contributions to the FTC in 2014:


Contributions to the FTC in 2013:


The Financial Transparency Coalition has been awarded a 5-star rating from Transparify.

The UK rejected the IDC’s suggestion to create country by country reporting of multinationals’ profits and payment.
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