Coordinating Committee

Coordinating Committee

The Financial Transparency Coalition is governed by a coordinating committee of ten non-governmental organizations:

    1. Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability 
    2. Christian Aid
    3. European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad)
    4. Fundación SES
    5. Global Financial Integrity
    6. Global Witness
    7. Latin American Network on Debt, Development, and Rights (LATINDADD)
    8. Tax Justice Network
    9. Tax Justice Network – Africa
    10. Transparency International


The Executive Committee is composed of three individuals from Coordinating Committee member organizations:

  • Heather Lowe, Chair
  • Alvin Mosioma, Vice Chair
  • Oriana Suarez, Vice Chair

Immediate action is necessary to keep the US at the forefront of international efforts to combat financial crimes.
- Saturday Dec 3 - 7:21pm

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