Who Makes the Rules on Illiicit Financial Flows?
February 22nd, 2017
Who Makes the Rules on Illicit Financial Flows highlights six often overlooked institutions that play a role in developing global financial transparency measures. The brief introduces these institutions, which are generally unknown to the public despite their power in setting global norms. The piece concludes with options to make these bodies more inclusive so that global
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Top Secret: countries keep financial crime fighting data to themselves
February 15th, 2017
A new report funded by the FTC, and carried out by Coordinating Committee member Transparency International, examines the disclosure requirements for anti-money laundering statistics. Public scrutiny is vital to ensure accountability in the banking sector, however, as this report finds, in major financial centers far too much data on anti-money laundering activities by government regulators is
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Trusts – Weapons of Mass Injustice
February 13th, 2017
It is a fact that the trust laws of some tax havens openly promote illegality. The reality that some tax havens will not enforce foreign laws (e.g. ensuring non-recognition of foreign laws and judgements that favoured legitimate heirs and former spouses) is even publicly advertised by some offshore service providers, not on the deep web
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Une Tache Difficile : Quantifier les flux financiers illicites
February 7th, 2017
La Financial Transparency Coalition travaille à endiguer l’ensemble des flux financiers illicites. Certains membres de la FTC se concentrent sur les mouvements transfrontaliers de fonds qui ont été gagnés, transférés ou utilisés illégalement. Ces flux financiers illicites proviennent de l’évasion fiscale, de la manipulation des échanges, de la criminalité organisée, et de la corruption des
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Dozens of institutions are setting standards and writing rules on taxation. Here are 6 you’ve never heard of:…
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