Profit before people and planet: How economic policies and corporate profit maximisation perpetuate the unsustainable exploitation of the Brazilian Amazon and its poeple
December 21st, 2022
To contribute to bringing about transformative change in the industrial mining industry, this report demonstrates how state tax policies and corporate short-term profit maximisation are two key underlying drivers of the unsustainable exploitation of the Brazilian Amazon and its peoples by industrial bauxite mining. Specifically, this report contributes to a better understanding of the magnitude
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Recovery at a Crossroads: How Countries Spent Covid-19 Funds
September 23rd, 2022
A new report found that 38 percent of Covid-19 recovery funds in 21 developing countries went to big corporations instead of social protection, smaller businesses and informal workers. The new report by the Financial Transparency Coalition (FTC) and partners entitled “Recovery at a Crossroads: how countries spent Covid-19 funds” also found that one-third less money
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FTC Reveals New “Covid Bailout Tracker”
May 6th, 2021
The vast majority of Covid-19 recovery funds have gone to big corporations instead of toward welfare, small firms, or those working in the informal economy, according to the first major analysis of public bailout funds disbursed in developing countries during the pandemic.
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