FTC Covid Bailout Tracker
May 6th, 2021
In late April, the FTC revealed its new, flagship Covid Bailout Tracker. The findings were staggering—and, needless to say, received wide media coverage. Here’s a sample of the dozens and dozens of stories, all around the world, covering the FTC’s Covid Bailout Tracker launch:
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FTC Submission to the Financial Accountability Transparency and Integrity Panel
November 30th, 2020
Submission date: November 30, 2020 The Independent Working Group on Illicit Financial Flows, a project of the Financial Transparency Coalition (FTC), coordinated this submission to the Financial Accountability Transparency & Integrity Panel (FACTI Panel), to share their considerations on the nature and aspects of illicit financial flows (IFFs) and raise their concerns about how various
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Submission to the US Senate: Disclosure of Tax Havens and Offshoring Act (S. 1609)
July 31st, 2020
Submission Date: July 28, 2020. The Financial Transparency Coalition (FTC), as part of a coalition of more than 100 nonprofit groups representing progressive, labor, civil rights, anti-corruption, and environmental interests submitted a letter to the United States Senate, urging to advance the Disclosure of Tax Havens and Offshoring Act (S. 1609), which would require large, publicly-traded
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The High Level Panel Report on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa
July 31st, 2020
In February 2012, the 4th Joint African Union Commission (AU) United Nations Economic Commission for Africa Conference (UNECA) of African Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development established the AU/ UNECA High Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows (High-Level Panel) which set out to ensure that Africa’s development relies as much as possible on its
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