FTC Covid Bailout Tracker

May 6th, 2021

In late April, the FTC revealed its new, flagship Covid Bailout Tracker. The findings were staggering—and, needless to say, received wide media coverage. Here’s a sample of the dozens and dozens of stories, all around the world, covering the FTC’s Covid Bailout Tracker launch:

Reuters: “Companies, not poor, get most COVID-19 aid in developing world, says study”

Deutsche Welle: “Centroamérica: una mayor brecha entre ricos y pobres por la pandemia”

EFE: “El 63% de los fondos públicos por covid en países pobres van a las grandes empresas”

CNBC Africa: “FTC Report: COVID-19 bailout funds failing to support the poor”

The Star: “92% of Covid funds in Kenya went to big corporations – report”

Dhaka Tribune: “Study: Covid-19 bailout cash in developing countries goes to big companies, not the poor”

The Guardian: “Developing countries have used most of their Covid-19 recovery funds to bail out big business”

The Organiser: “Financial Transparency UK Ranks Sierra Leone on Lists of Nations that Steals COVID Funds”

El Economista: “Las grandes empresas recibieron el 63% de las ayudas públicas por la pandemia en países pobres”

The Wire: “Majority of COVID recovery funds in developing countries went to big corporations”

An interview with TJNA’s Chenai Mukumba for BBC World Service on the Tracker’s details, especially the findings in Africa

An interview with Matti Kohonen via FTC member Tax Justice Network, on TJN’s French-language podcast

FTC Reveals New “Covid Bailout Tracker”

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