Young Swiss Organize for Banking Secrecy

August 4th, 2009 has an article today detailing a movement among conservative youth in Switzerland which are petitioning in support of banking secrecy laws.  From the article:

The youth branch of the rightwing Swiss People’s Party has joined a campaign to protect banking secrecy by collecting signatures for a people’s initiative.

Eric Hess, president of the group, told media in Bern on Tuesday that the effort was aimed at enshrining banking secrecy laws into the country’s constitution to prevent the exchange of account holder data with foreign investigators.

This past year, young people in America spearheaded a movement to elect Barack Obama President of the United States.  They organized for hope, peace, healthcare, affordable education, and a brighter tomorrow.  In Switzerland?  In Switzerland the young people mobilize to protect corrupt dictators and multinational corporations.  Very inspiring.

To be fair, it’s unclear how widespread this is among the Swiss youth – it may very well be a small percent.  Nevertheless, it’s very disappointing to see that while youth in the rest of the world are embracing corporate social responsibilty, the Swiss are tacking in a different direction.

Written by Clark Gascoigne

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