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FTC Reveals New “Covid Bailout Tracker”
April 22nd, 2021
The vast majority of Covid-19 recovery funds have gone to big corporations instead of toward welfare, small firms, or those working in the informal economy, according to the first major analysis of public bailout funds disbursed in developing countries during the pandemic.
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Financial Transparency Coalition Appoints New Director
March 22nd, 2021
The Executive Committee of the Financial Transparency Coalition (FTC) has appointed a new permanent Director. Matti Kohonen has succeeded Eryn Schornick, who helped steer the FTC to multiple policy successes over the past year as FTC interim director and who will remain as executive adviser to the Coalition. 
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FTC welcomes UN FACTI’s recommendations, but warns they need to be urgently implemented
February 25th, 2021
The Financial Transparency Coalition (FTC) welcomes the landmark final report by the UN’s Financial Accountability, Transparency, and Integrity (FACTI) Panel, as it established a new global standard on financial transparency and tax co-operation, exceeding current international standards. We call on governments to urgently implement these new standards and expectations, and to support the public interest
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