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Young Swiss Organize for Banking Secrecy
August 4th, 2009 has an article today detailing a movement among conservative youth in Switzerland which are petitioning in support of banking secrecy laws. From the article:

The youth branch of the rightwing Swiss People's Party has joined a campaign to protect banking secrecy by collecting signatures for a people's initiative.

Eric Hess, president of the group, told media in Bern on Tuesday that the effort was aimed at enshrining banking secrecy laws into the country's constitution to prevent the exchange of account holder data with foreign investigators.

This past year, young people...
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A New Generation with a New Business Paradigm
June 12th, 2009
Business Week has a great article about a new oath "to do no harm" that is being taken by MBAs around the word. Started by 2nd year MBA students at Harvard, the oath defines business management as a profession whose ultimate "purpose is to serve the greater good" and expects its takers to "act with utmost integrity." It now appears to be catching on around the world. From the article:

So far, people from 115 countries representing 49 languages have visited the MBA Oath Web site, where visitors can also find links to some...

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