Opening our Books: The FTC gets a 5-star transparency rating from Transparify

August 18th, 2015

As the FTC, we advocate for a transparent financial system that works for everyone. We call for public disclosure of company ownership, public country-by-country reporting from multinational corporations, and other transparency measures to increase public access to information about our economies.

We take seriously the trust placed in us by our donors, coalition members, and the public, so we’re opening our books. Historically, we’ve made our annual audit and U.S. Internal Revenue Service Form 990 available online, but our funding page now discloses the complete picture of how we’re funded – who, for what purpose, when, and how much.

As a result of our efforts, the FTC has recently been awarded a 5-star transparency rating from Transparify, joining the ranks of our colleagues at the Natural Resources Governance Institute, Center for Global Development, Sunlight Foundation, and Global Integrity.

Transparency is often seen as some kind of automatic outgrowth of a political commitment, but it’s conscientious data management that transforms that political vision into reality. Many thanks to FTC Finance and Evaluation Manager Sabrina Cleary for making this happen!

Written by Porter McConnell

Porter is the Director of the FTC. You can follow her on Twitter @PorterMcConnell.

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