Wednesday’s Daily News Digest

July 21st, 2010

Treasure Islands: Mapping the Geography of Corruption
Monthly Review, July 20, 2010

Sen Levin Seeks To Add Anti-Tax Haven Measure To Lending Bill
Dow Jones, July 21, 2010

‘Thousands’ of warning letters sent to Liechtenstein account holders
Financial News, July 21, 2010

Bulgarian Police Launch ‘All Trumps’ Special Ops
Novinite (Bulgaria), July 21, 2010

We thrive on money from illegal logging
Solomon Star News, July 21, 2010

Dirty money drawn to financial markets
The Jakarta Post, July 21, 2010

President García launches plan to tackle the drug trade, money laundering
Andean Air Mail & Peruvian Times, July 21, 2010

Clarke delays enforcement of bribery law
Financial Times, July 20, 2010

Official arrested on charges of bribery in Russia
Xinhua, July 21, 2010

Nuhu Ribadu Returns to Nigeria: So what?
The Huffington Post, July 20, 2010

Britain urges Philippine president to live up to his campaign pledge
Xinhua, July 21, 2010

Construction companies allege industry corruption
ABC, June 20, 2010

Written by Scott Fahey

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