Video: How to Rob Africa

November 8th, 2012

Africa and the rest of the developing world are often criticized for failing to effectively combat corruption. While many of these countries have a lot to do to get their domestic house in order, not enough attention is paid to the systemic global problems that make it very difficult for even a well-meaning, responsible African government to put a serious dent in illicit financial flows. Western financial secrecy and lax regulations make it very easy for elites in developing countries to squirrel away illicit money, far away from any tax authority.

In a great new documentary, Al Jazeera looks at how this is happening and how it prevents the continent from escaping widespread poverty despite immense natural resource wealth and an industrious, hard-working, young population. A great quote:

“When these diamonds came, they came as a God-given gift. So we thought now we are going to benefit from jobs, infrastructure, we thought maybe our roads were going to improve, so that generations and generations will benefit from this, not one individual. But what is happening, honestly, honestly it’s a shame!”

Watch the video below, or read more here.

Written by EJ Fagan

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