US Imposes Travel Ban on Senior Kenyan Official

October 26th, 2009

According to the BBC, the US has imposed a travel ban on a senior Kenyan government official for impeding anti-corruption efforts in that country:

Mr Carson [the US state department Africa chief] told reporters in Nairobi: “The US government has taken the decision to revoke the visa of a senior Kenyan government official.”

Without revealing names, he described the politician as a “senior government official of influence”.

He said the individual had “obstructed the reform process, failed to end the cycle of impunity and has been an obstacle in the fight against corruption”.

This action by the American government demonstrates that the US was serious when they warned Kenya to clean itself up last month or face repercussions.  Indeed, the US warned 15 Kenyan officials back in September that they faced potential travel bans if they did not clean up their acts.  Hopefully, this will help turn things around in Kenya.

Written by Clark Gascoigne

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