UNODC launches a report on The Globalization of Crime

June 18th, 2010

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) launched a report called The Globalization of Crime: A Transnational Organized Crime Threat Assessment on June 17.

Below is the announcement sent out by the UNODC for the report’s launch:

This threat assessment of transnational organized crime looks at major trafficking flows, including drugs (cocaine and heroin), firearms, people trafficked for sex or forced labour, natural resources, counterfeit products as well as maritime piracy and cyber-crime. It shows how, using violence and bribes, international criminal markets have become major centres of power and features a number of high-impact maps and charts that illustrate illicit flows and their markets.

Producing this Report was a challenge due to the fact that evidence on the subject has thus far been limited and uneven. “Despite the intrinsic difficulty of doing research on crime, UNODC was able to document the enormous power and global reach of international mafias”, said Mr. Costa.

To see the full report, download the PDF file above. Click here to view sections of the report.

Written by Kelley Brescia

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