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May 18th, 2010

Transparency in Financial Reform: Because God Doesn’t Like Secrets
The Huffington Post, May 18, 2010

Greek minister sacked over husband’s taxes
Financial Times, May 18, 2010

UBS may face US suits if parliament kills deal: Swiss minister
Reuters, May 16, 2010

EU Lawmakers Ok Rules For Hedge Funds,Private Equity
The Wall Street Journal, May 17, 2010

The AIFM directive: Another European mess
The Economist, May 18, 2010

Opinion: Tories are foolish to line up Northern Ireland as a tax haven
The Guardian, May 18, 2010

India, US end row over taxing captive units
The Economic Times, May 18, 2010

Seedy underworld of human trafficking
BBC News, May 18, 2010

Corruption, Mismanagement Strangle Vital Kenyan Watershed
New York Times, May 18, 2010

FIFA wants ‘bribery’ probe report before World Cup
The Associated Press, May 18, 2010

Police want Lieberman charged for obstructing corruption probe
Haaretz, May 18, 2010

Ambassador denies bribery in Africa independences
The Angola Press Agency, May 18, 2010

Panama looking to exit OECD gray list
Newsroom Panama, May 17, 2010

Gibraltar bank appeals against 1.7 million euro fine by Spain alleging money laundering
Panorama (Gibraltar), May 18, 2010

Legislators approve laws on trade and environment
The Taipei Times, May 19, 2010

AG King asks U.S. Senate to help Mexico fight border violence, human trafficking
The New Mexico Independent, May 18, 2010

‘FM looking into IPL tax evasion, money laundering’
Press Trust of India, May 18, 2010

House Panel to Quiz Top Banker Over Tax Cases
The Jakarta Globe, May 18, 2010

Alleged new tax fraud case worth Rp 3.6 trillion uncovered
The Jakarta Post, May 18, 2010

Written by Clark Gascoigne

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