TJN’s May 2016 Podcast: the Anti-Corruption Summit – who’s the most corrupt?

May 24th, 2016

In Tax Justice Network’s May 2016 Taxcast: What is corruption? Well, that’s a political question, and the answer depends on who you ask. We discuss the anti-corruption summit in the City of London, the world’s capital of sleaze and ask if the sun ever set on the colonial era and the idea that corruption is a poor country issue. We explore extortive corruption versus collusive corruption and look at a new Poll which indicates for the first time the vast gulf between what the British people consider corrupt, and what has become a ‘normal’ way of doing business and politics. The overlap between the public and private spheres raises serious questions about democracy – and the nature of global fraud.

Written by Tax Justice Network

The TaxCast is a project of the Tax Justice Network, a Coordinating Committee member of the FTC. It's produced by Naomi Fowler, you can follow her on Twitter @Naomi_Fowler.

Image used under Creative Commons license / Flickr User Martin Krolikowski

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