The Guardian: Register revealing firms' true owners will be open to public, says Cameron

October 31st, 2013

Financial Transparency Coalition Manager, Porter McConnell was quoted in Patrick Wintor’s article “Register revealing firms’ true owners will be open to public, says Cameron” appearing on the Guardian’s website.

In this article, Porter is quoted as saying “David Cameron has made a brave and far sighted decision with the introduction of this vital transparency measure. That the UK has become the first country to commit to introducing a public register to disclose the beneficial owner of companies is a watershed moment.

“The UK is helping deprive corrupt politicians and criminals of the use of anonymous companies to hide their real identities. This will go a long way in curbing corruption, money laundering, drug trafficking, tax evasion and financial crime responsible for the continued loss of much needed wealth from the world’s poorest countries.”

Written by Financial Transparency Coalition

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