The C20 Wants to Hear Your Voice!

March 27th, 2014


The months leading up to November’s G20 summit in Brisbane, Australia are littered with conferences and gatherings to develop a more narrow focus of what priorities the Group of 20 wants to highlight. You can easily have a say, through the C20, a civil society platform that contributes to the G20 discussion. But be quick! The commenting period for the ongoing C20 dialogue closes on April 6th.

Offering your opinion on the direction of the G20 is vital. Following campaigns by FTC members and others, in 2013, G20 countries made strong commitments to financial transparency standards, showing a level of seriousness and cooperation that we have not yet seen in the areas of tax and transparency. This year, financial regulation, development, and anti-corruption are all a part of the G20’s agenda.

Although you may not be able to attend the meetings taking place throughout the year, you can help influence the voice of civil society organizations, and decide what issues are worth advocating.

The Civil Society 20 (C20) is a global network made up of civil society leaders from around the world. FTC member Pooja Rangaprasad is the International Co-Chair for the Governance Policy Theme of the C20.

 From the Civil Society 20 website:

The Civil 20 is a platform for dialogue between the political leaders of the G20 countries and representatives of civil society organizations. The goal of C20 is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and opinions about issues on the agenda of the G20 and issues of importance to civil society with a view to making substantive contributions to G20 policy.

In this vein, the C20 has created a conversation forum, where you can interact directly with civil society leaders, talk about what issues are important to you and why they should be highlighted in the C20’s advocacy efforts.

While this is a great opportunity to foster new ideas, you don’t have much time left to make your voice heard. The commenting period will close on April 6th, in preparation for the C20 summit in June, when a finalized set of recommendations will be agreed and put forward to G20 leaders. Add your voice to it!

Image courtesy of Flickr user eGuide Travel, under Creative Commons License.

Written by Christian Freymeyer

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