TaxCast: January 2017

January 27th, 2017

In the first TaxCast of 2017, Tax Justice Network looks at tax justice and public procurement – the efforts to hit tax dodging companies where it really hurts on a local level – trying to stop them bidding for public money for public contracts.


  • How massive amounts of money are flowing into Tax Haven USA to circumvent the flawed Common Reporting Standard – South Dakota is apparently raking in tax evading capital
  • The slippery world of ‘residence planning’ and the ‘synthetic residency’ dodge
  • The UK’s Criminal Finances Bill likely to be passed this year, which includes proposals for ‘Unexplained Wealth Orders’ and holding tax evading enablers to account. An amendment to the bill could force UK satellite tax havens, the overseas territories to create public registers of the real owners of companies, something they’ve so far refused to do.
  • The British threat to the EU: ‘if you give us a bad Brexit deal, we’ll push regulation-lite, tax haven UK even further in a race to the bottom and shoot ourselves in the foot.’

The TaxCast is produced for Tax Justice Network by Naiomi Fowler. You can follow her on Twitter at Naomi_Fowler.

Listen below, or on YouTube here:

Written by Tax Justice Network

This post originally appeared on the blog of Tax Justice Network, a Coordinating Committee member of the FTC.

Image used under Creative Commons license / Flickr User Curtis Kennington

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