Task Force Launches Allied Organizations Initiative

August 10th, 2010

The Task Force on Financial Integrity and Economic Development is spearheading an initiative to band together a group of Allied Organizations based primarily in countries most severely affected by illicit financial flows (IFFs). Each year poor countries receive some $100 billion in Official Development Assistance (ODA).  At the same time, close to $1 trillion in illicit money exits those very same economies. Funds that could otherwise be captured for community, social, and economic development are misappropriated and funneled from poor countries into developed country banks. This massive outflow of capital, which fuels systems of crime and corruption, severely undermines poverty alleviation and development efforts of governments and grassroots organizations.

As part of the Allied Organizations initiative, interested organizations are publicly lending their names in support of the Task Force goals of improved transparency in the global financial system. Organizations from the Kathmandu, Nepal to New York City, USA are allying with the Task Force on Financial Integrity and Economic Development to raise awareness about the ways in which financial opacity undermines development efforts. If you or your organization is interested in becoming an Allied Organization of the Task Force, please send an email to

Get to know some of our current allied organizations below:

Empowerment Gateway is an emerging fourth sector community focused organization (CFO) which seeks to employ local resources to achieve a synergy between businesses and communities. Empowerment Gateway’s firsthand experience with corruption in South Africa derailed the organization’s “Adopt a Pot-Hole” program and ultimately led to the organization’s relocation in Lagos, Portugal. Empowerment Gateway is now using the knowledge gained from its experiences in South Africa to tackle development issues in Europe.

Global Health Council, based in Washington, DC and White River Junction, VT, is comprised of health-care professionals and organizations which strive to make global health a priority for all walks of life.

MediaGlobal is an independent media organization based in New York, NY. Media Global is dedicated to mainstreaming the voices of the global south, raising awareness of the constraints which challenge developing countries.

Olive Leaf Foundation is a Sustainable Development organization based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Olive Leaf Foundation supports programs focusing in children and youth, community wellness, capacity development, livelihoods and local economic development, and human settlements.

Praxis, based in New Delhi, India, is an organization dedicated to mainstreaming the voices of the poor in development practices. Praxis understands that to be truly sustainable, the poor and marginalized sections of society must be directly involved in the development process.

Social Activities for Rural Development Society (SARDS), based in Andhra Pradesh, is a child focused, relief and development humanitarian voluntary organization. SARDS core areas of focus include: children and education, health and HIV/AIDS, livelihoods promotion, and natural resource management and irrigation.

Society for All Round Development (Sard) works to increase the participation of minorities and disadvantaged communities in development processes. Sard’s areas of focus include: education, health and rehabilitation, livelihood, and corporate social responsibility.

UniversalGiving is a non-profit, web-based marketplace that helps people give and volunteer with development projects all over the world.

VOICE is a rights-based, activist organization working mainly on the issues of food sovereignty, aid effectiveness, economic justice, and the right to information and communication. VOICE is based in Shyamoli, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The Center for Research, Innovation and Training (CRIT), based in Kathmandu, Nepal, seeks to influence statecraft through research promoting socially desirable, economically feasible, and environmentally viable practices.

Centre for Development Studies and Activities (CDSA) is an independent social sciences research institute focused on poverty alleviation, equality, and sustainable development. CDSA is bases in Maharashtra, India.

eStandardsForum, based in New York, NY, is a monitoring organization which reports on a country’s economic, financial, and political conditions under the belief that market-driven growth led by responsible private investment provides the most promising avenue through which poverty can be alleviated.

Global Concerns India works to support indigenous initiatives in grass roots projects. Global Concerns India is headquartered in Bangalore, India.

Partners in Change is a non-profit organization based in New Delhi, India. Partners in Change seeks to simultaneously promote corporate responsibility and cross-sector partnerships as a tool to overcome complex development challenges.

PRAGATI, Koraput is a non government voluntary organization based in Odisha, India. PRAGATI works to improve the quality of life among tribal people and the underprivileged living in Koraput district in Odisha.

Saath Charitable Trust uses market-based strategies to create inclusive societies by empowering India’s urban and rural poor. Saath is based in the city of Ahmedabad, India.

SANGOCO, or the South African NGO Coalition, is an umbrella organization based in Braamfontein which fosters the continued growth of civil society organizations and coordinates NGO input into government policy in South Africa.

The Foundation for the Development of Africa based in Cresta, South Africa, actively promotes sustainable business development throughout Africa.

Written by Emily Crowley

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