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Win Tickets to Opening Week Screenings of “Chasing Madoff” at Washington DC’s E Street Cinema
August 24th, 2011
WASHINGTON, DC – Comparable to the dogged pursuit of Al Capone by Eliot Ness, “Chasing Madoff” is the compelling story of Harry Markopolos and his team of investigator's ten-year struggle to expose the truth behind the infamous Bernie Madoff scandal. Over the course of a decade, Markopolos pieced together a chain of white-collar crooks including international bankers, lieutenants, and henchmen, linked to Madoff’s devestating Ponzi scheme. As the investigation deepened, the danger posed to Markopolis and his team grew. Finding himself trapped in a web of deceit and intimidation, the once unassuming Boston securities analyst turned vigilante investigator...
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Eating out of his hand
August 5th, 2009
The curse of exchange controls could be to blame for so many of South Africa's otherwise astute rich falling for Barry Tannenbaum's wiles. It seems Tannenbaum offered investors a conduit called transfer pricing to take their money out of the country. The aim was to shift offshore some of the enormous profits he promised them.
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