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Is there a crater-wide loophole in Obama’s Panama Papers response? Yes.
May 9th, 2016
Last week, almost one month to the day after the Panama Papers came to light, President Obama announced new rules to help combat the abuse of anonymous shell companies to evade taxes and launder money. While it’s certainly welcome that the President of, by some accounts, the ‘world’s favorite new tax haven‘, is taking measures to
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Loophole USA: the vortex-shaped hole in global financial transparency
January 26th, 2015
If people stash their wealth or earn income overseas, that is fine with us — just as long as their tax authorities get the information they need to tax that wealth or income according to the law, and as long as money laundering and financial crimes can be effectively tracked, and so on. Where there are cross-border barriers to the instruments of democratic societies, then there is an offshore problem. The only credible way to provide the necessary information is through so-called automatic information exchange (AIE), where governments make sure the necessary information is available across borders, as a matter of routine. For years we at the Tax Justice...
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Closing Tax Loopholes is Great, But Tackling Anonymous Companies is Just as Important
January 21st, 2015

President Obama wants to stop the billions of dollars that are moving offshore from U.S. companies.

Or he at least said so much during his State of the Union address last night:
As Americans, we don't mind paying our fair share of taxes, as long as everybody else does, too. But for far too long, lobbyists have rigged the tax code with loopholes that let some corporations pay nothing while others pay full freight. This year, we have an opportunity to change that. Let's close loopholes so we stop rewarding companies that keep profits abroad, and reward those that...
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TaxCast: September 2014
September 23rd, 2014
TJNlogoThe September edition of TaxCast, the monthly podcast from FTC member Tax Justice Network, has arrived. In September's TaxCast, we look at U.S. corporate inversions, the recent Scottish referendum on independence, and efforts from the OECD to address tax evasion. The TaxCast is produced by Naomi Fowler for the Tax Justice Network. You can listen via the player below or on YouTube.
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