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President Juncker Must Endorse Public Scrutiny of Multinational Tax Payments
September 16th, 2015
Press Release Transparency International is calling on European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to publicly support legislation that would allow citizens to scrutinise the corporate taxes paid by multinational companies to governments. President Juncker will appear tomorrow in front of a special tax committee at the European Parliament to defend the Commission’s track record on tackling
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Juncker Responds to Letter Sent by Investigative Journalists from Around the World
December 12th, 2014
13598001865_9dd7e6a541_zJean Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, has just responded to a letter sent to him by more than 40 leading investigative journalists. The letter urged President Juncker to ensure the creation of public registers of beneficial ownership information as part of the ongoing negotiations of the EU's 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive. Beneficial ownership information would provide authorities, journalists, and civil society with information on who actually owns or profits from a company. The European Parliament already approved such registers overwhelmingly in March, with a vote of...
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Investigative Journalists Take a Stand in the Name of Public Interest
December 10th, 2014
Fittingly on International Anti-Corruption Day, more than 40 investigative journalists from all over the world signed a letter urging Jean Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, and other legislators to finish what the European Parliament started in March: the creation of public registers of company ownership information. The proposed reform, currently being debated under a new anti-money laundering directive, would create registers to collect information on the real, human owner behind every company operating in the EU. Right now, it's all too easy to set up an anonymous company and use it for money laundering,...
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Message to Jean-Claude Juncker: will you publicly back EU efforts on tax & transparency?
June 24th, 2014
13598001865_9dd7e6a541_z Plenty of column inches have been given over to debating whether or not former Prime Minister of Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker will become president of the European Commission in recent weeks. Politically speaking, potatoes don’t come much hotter, but we’re not really interested in that, and as not-for-profit organisations, we are completely non-partisan anyway. Assuming that he does get in, it is going to be really interesting to see how he will support the major strides that Europe has made promoting transparency and accountability in business.
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