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G20 Commitments to Tax and Development: A Progress Report Card
November 14th, 2011
Back in September I was sitting in the salubrious office of an official from one of International Financial Institutions – when he slouched back in his chair, sighed and said ‘I can’t even bear to read those G20 communiqués – they are so vacuous.’ That evening, I found myself at a dinner hosted by DC law firm Jones Day where former Mexican President Zedillo branded the G20 ‘a disappointment.’
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UK-Swiss Tax Deal Rewards Those Who Hide Their Money in Switzerland
September 9th, 2011
George Osborne says that 'those who evade taxes, like benefit cheats, are leeches on society'. However, he has agreed a deal that rewards those who avoid paying taxes in the UK by hiding their money in Switzerland. George Osborne says: 'my message to those who try to hide their incomes from the Revenue in offshore bank accounts and false declarations is simple: we will find you and your money.' A senior official at the Indian Central Board of Direct Taxes says: 'money laundering or illegal commission are a criminal offence. So, our effort will be to not...
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Jeffrey Sachs On Inequality, Tax And Where Globalisation Went So Horribly Wrong
August 23rd, 2011
Jeffrey Sachs is back in the Financial Times with a fine article about the failed economic leadership of western governments, and tax havens feature prominently in his analysis. “Tax havens”, he notes, “have proliferated even as the politicians have occasionally railed against them” we like the twist to the politician's collective tails implied by the word 'occasionally'. And he continues: “In the end the poor are doubly hit, first by global market forces, then by the ability of the rich to park money at low taxes in hideaways around the world.” We have argued for many, many years, that tax havens are a major faultline in the...
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'Fanciful and Misguided.' Vodafone Enters Public Debate on Country-by-Country Reporting
August 12th, 2011
I’m pretty confident you won’t have read it, but this week's edition of Transfer Pricing Week saw Vodafone’s tax director, John Connors, publicly enter the debate regarding Christian Aid’s campaign for country-by-country reporting. For some time now we have been talking with Vodafone about tax and development and trying to convince it that it should get on top of this crucial issue. And Vodafone has acknowledged that we have ‘had some interesting discussions.’ This week, that conversation went public – and this is something we welcome. We are campaigning for transparency after all. Connors said in the article that ‘country-by-country reporting is a little misguided’ suggesting...
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