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Who’s in your backyard? Looking at anonymous companies and their ownership of London Property
March 4th, 2015


Do you know who owns the house behind yours? What about the one down the street, or that mansion in the nice part of town? When anonymous companies are involved, you can't just walk up and ring the door bell, which makes it tough to find out who really owns a house or property. We've seen anonymous companies come up in property ownership time after time, from former Ukrainian President Vktor Yanukovych's mansion to Iran's secret ownership of a Manhattan skyscraper. Now, Transparency International has...
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How Europe’s Investment Bank flouts its own tax haven policies
October 31st, 2014
The European Commission has launched a series of investigations into the tax structures of companies like Google, Apple and Amazon, for fear that they are siphoning off tax revenue from Europe. Far less attention has been paid to the role of institutions like the EU-backed European Investment Bank (EIB) in financing this offshore trade, particularly when it comes to developing countries. Could this change? 
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BVI: Benefitting Vested Interests?
May 15th, 2014
12559285104_39652df5b6_z Britain’s credibility as a global leader in the fight to end corruption is under real threat.  Its fate lies in the hands of the Governor of a sunny, palm-fringed Caribbean island who was appointed by the UK itself. Last year, as chair of the G8, the UK committed to creating public registries of the real owners of companies. This was a hugely important move by the UK and one we support wholeheartedly. With global support, such a measure could put a stop to some of the worst problems of our time;...
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