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Event: Global Corruption: Money, Power and Ethics in the Modern World
January 28th, 2013
Task Force member Global Financial Integrity will be holding a panel discussion about the new book, Global Corruption: Money, Power and Ethics in the Modern World, by Transparency International's Laurence Cockcroft. All are invited to attend. If you are outside the Washington, DC area, the event will be filmed and posted online shortly afterwards.
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How Capital Flight Drains Africa: Stolen Money And Lost Lives
October 25th, 2011
In most financial scams, the victims simply lose their money. In Africa, some lose their lives. Sub-Saharan Africa experienced an exodus of more than $700 billion in capital flight since 1970, a sum that far surpasses the region’s external debt outstanding of roughly $175 billion. Some of the money wound up in private accounts at the same banks that were making loans to African governments.
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