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A New Priority for President Aquino: Tax Evasion on Imports to the Philippines
February 6th, 2014
The Philippines has made significant progress on its quest to confront corruption and tax evasion under the guidance of President Aquino. However, a new report by Global Financial Integrity shows one important—and growing—component of the problem is trade mispricing, specifically import under-invoicing, and its role in facilitating tax evasion in the Philippines. In June 2010, Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III assumed his position as the 15th President of the Philippines. As a Senator, before his election to the Presidency, Aquino pursued an anti-corruption agenda. For example, Aquino contributed to the Preservation of Public Infrastructures bill—which raised standards in public infrastructure...
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Some fallacies about the costs of anti-corruption
June 1st, 2011
I am rarely surprised when those who are not economists make egregious economic errors. I am only moderately surprised when those errors are in the Financial Times. I suppose I should get used to it. Here’s a little basic economics. Economists, whether talking about banking or housing, trees or oil, always follow a set of fundamental principals. These include very basic ideas. For example, when conducting cost-benefit analysis, count the entire range of relevant benefits and costs. Say you want to do an economic analysis of a project to build a bridge. You count all the costs—labor, materials, etc.—and all...
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