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Swiss-German tax treaty on 10 August will undermine prospects for automatic information exchange
August 3rd, 2011
An imminent “final withholding tax treaty”, will allow Germany to claw back some revenue from tax evasion, but it will also protect Swiss bank secrecy and undermine the prospect of automatic information exchange. Swiss and German negotiators will probably conclude the deal on 10th August. The deal will then have to be approved through the respective national legislative processes, so there will be opportunities for civil society to mobilize opposition and generate debate about information exchange. A withholding tax will be charged on income from savings and investments of German citizens with Swiss accounts, i.e those who had previously evaded...
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Chancellor Urged To Challenge Swiss Secrecy
May 30th, 2011
LONDON – Christian Aid is urging the Chancellor to consider how poor countries could be harmed by a deal allowing UK citizens with secret Swiss bank accounts to continue hiding their identities from the British taxman.
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Q+A-What’s at stake in the U.S. tax row against UBS?
July 28th, 2009
ZURICH (Reuters) - Alan Gold, the U.S. judge presiding over an tax trial against Switzerland's UBS, will hold a status call at 1245 GMT on July 29 in which the Justice Department and the Swiss bank are due to advise him about progress towards a settlement of the damaging tax dispute.
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