#StopTaxDodging Campaign: Putting an end to unfair tax policies

June 11th, 2015

STOP Tax Dodging – campaigning across Europe

From Ireland to Italy and from Slovenia to Spain we have the same message: ‘STOP Tax Dodging’, and for good reason. When companies and wealthy individuals don’t pay their fair share of tax, it hurts us all. The hardest impacts are felt in the poorest countries, but all across the world, ordinary citizens have to deal with increasing inequality, painful austerity measures and loss of public services. Follow our campaign on Twitter using: #StopTaxDodging

Tweet for Transparency: Key vote in the European Parliament

On July 6, the Members of the European Parliament will vote on whether to back public country by country reporting as part of the Shareholders Rights Directive. If this proposal is adopted, it can send a strong signal to the rest of the EU and take us one important step closer to the point where public country by country reporting becomes reality. This would mean that multinational companies have to publish where they make their profits and where they pay their taxes. This would be a great step forward for corporate transparency and would help lift the veil of secrecy that means companies can easily dodge taxes. For all your questions on why public country by country reporting is needed read our Q and A.

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As well as your individual MEPs you can also tweet political party groupings in the European Parliament. Their twitter handles are:

Take Action: Share our film and blow the whistle on corporate transparency!

In November 2014, the scandal called #LuxLeaks revealed how hundreds of multinational companies have obtained secret “sweetheart deals” with the Luxembourg government, allowing them to dodge billions in taxes all over the world. The scandal caused a global outcry, but the international tax system remains unchanged. Taxation of multinational enterprises is wrapped in secrecy, and the practice of “sweetheart deals” is becoming more and more widespread. Meanwhile, the court in Luxembourg has brought charges against the whistleblowers and one of the journalists who exposed the scandal. They risk several years in prison.

In response to this injustice, a campaign has been launched to blow the whistle on tax secrecy and call for protection of whistleblowers. The aim is to ensure that the public is allowed to know what multinational companies pay in tax, and no one will have to go to jail for telling the truth. This is the first step to get multinationals to pay their fair share of tax.

You can follow the campaign on twitter – #StopTaxDodging and #LuxLeaks. In the coming months, campaign activities will also be announced across Europe and announced on this site. Meanwhile, please share the campaign video below and go to to support one of the whistleblowers who revealed the #LuxLeaks scandal.

Stop Tax Dodging Campaign toolkits:

Tax Justice Toolkit – Understanding Tax and Development
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Tax Justice Toolkit – Advocacy for European NGOs
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Tax Justice Toolkit – Building a Popular Campaign
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Tax Justice Toolkit – Glossary
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Reports to read:

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Campaign films to watch and share:

Where has all the money gone?
Want to know how tax dodging happens?

Stop the business masquerade!
Campaign film from 2014 calling for the EU to shell-companies and secret company ownership, in order to prevent tax evasion and money laundering

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