Righting the Economy: Towards a People’s Recovery from Multiple Crisis

January 30th, 2024

Let’s come together to fix the economy and heal our planet, because it’s time for the people to lead the way towards a brighter future!

Join us for an event at SOAS University of London, where we’ll delve into the urgent need to look at human rights-based solutions to the economic and environmental crisis we face today.

The event will be an interactive panel discussion around four chapters from a recently published book, ‘Righting the Economy: Towards a People’s Recovery from Economic and Environmental Crisis’ looking into different aspects of how a Rights-Based Economy (RBE) is already taking shape, through both critical human-rights based activism, advocacy and policy work on issues ranging from Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in healthcare, to resolving sovereign debt obligations, to tackling illicit financial flows and promoting alternative economies.

The purpose of the Rights-Based Economy (RBE) is to be both a lens into economic policy making and economic practices by states according to their human rights obligations both in delivering human-rights based solutions through adequate revenue and resource mobilisation, as well as an umbrella term to assess a pluriverse of alternative economies from a human rights perspective to foster multiple alternatives that themselves are more aligned with human rights in shaping a post-growth and post-neoliberal economies also from the bottom up.

Please refer here is the link to Agenda Publishing’s website with the list of chapters.

The event will start at 6pm, with doors open 30 minutes before the event starts. The interactive panel discussion will run until 7.30pm.


· Diane Elson, Emeritus Professor in Sociology at the University of Essex

· Kate Bayliss, Senior Research Fellow, SOAS

· Rafael Quintero, Lecturer in Law, Birmingham City University

· Meghna Abraham, Executive Director, Centre for Economic and Social Rights

· Matti Kohonen, Executive Director, Financial Transparency Coalition


Professor Elisa Van Waeyenberge, Department of Economics, SOAS


· Jasmine Gideon, Professor of Global Health and Development Birkbeck, University of London,


Location: Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Alumni Lecture Theatre

Senate House North Block

SOAS, University of London


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