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September 21st, 2009

MP sent to jail over corruption
The Daily Monitor September 21, 2009

UN issues first-ever report on top global companies anti-corruption measures
Accra Daily Mail September 21, 2009

Kenya corruption fighter rejected
BBC News September 21, 2009

Bailed-out Lloyds faces tax avoidance allegations September 21, 2009

Medvedev: Corrupt cronies run Russia
The Budapest Times September 21, 2009

China to play a more positive and constructive role
People’s Daily September 21, 2009

SINGAPORE : More companies could set up operations in Singapore and Hong Kong as they seek to avoid being tarred by less reputable tax jurisdictions.
Channel News Asia, September 21, 2009

US extends tax amnesty deadline for offshore accounts
AFP September 21, 2009

High growth to counter corruption
Economic Times, September 21, 2009

Written by Hillary Evans

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