Monday’s Daily News Digest

April 25th, 2011

High-level committee to trail money laundering
Economic Times (India), April 25, 2011

US Prepares Syria Sanctions
Wall Street Journal (Corruption Currents), April 25, 2011

Tax Matters for Developing Countries
Huffington Post, April 22, 2011

UK nears Swiss tax deal
Telegraph, April 24, 2011

Banks fear rule would cost them depositors
San Antonio Express-News, April 23, 2011

Revenue to target tax of global giants
The Independent (Ireland), April 24, 2011

Ban urges closer ties between UN and regional security body to fight global crime
UN (Press Release), April 22, 2011

India arrests chief organizer of scandal-plagued Commonwealth Games
The Associated Press, April 25, 2011

U.S. ‘Kleptocracy’ initiative key to Mideast future
Politico, April 25, 2011

Move Mubarak to prison hospital, prosecutor says
Reuters, April 24, 2011

Written by Mina Remole

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