Kathmandu Declaration on Curbing Illicit Financial Flows

August 2nd, 2018

FTC members Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability in India and Christian Aid in the UK convened a meeting at March’s Nepal Social Forum. Out of this meeting, convened as part of a working group on illicit financial flows led by the FTC’s two members, a declaration on the need to curb illicit financial flows to protect and realise justice and human rights was drawn up.

See below for the invitation they drew up for people to sign up to the Kathmandu Declaration in an individual capacity.

Kathmandu Declaration on Curbing Illicit Financial Flows: Restoring Justice for Human Rights

The Independent Working Group on Illicit Financial Flows of the Financial Transparency Coalition convened a day-long meeting on the third day of the Nepal Social Forum held from March 8-10, 2018 to sign the Kathmandu Declaration on ‘Curbing Illicit Financial Flows: Restoring Justice for Human Rights’. This was presented at the World Social Forum, 2018.

The Declaration calls upon the heads of states, governments, international institutions, regional bodies and the global community to take cognisance of the urgent need to curb illicit financial flows (IFFs)for the immediate and progressive realisation of human rights and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Commonly known as black money, grey economy or dirty money, their linkages to persistent intersecting inequalities, income, wealth, ethnic, age and gender inequality, make illicit financial flows one of the greatest challenges to the financing of development and human rights.

The struggle to end illicit financial flows is closely linked to social justice movements which focus on the rights and livelihoods of Dalits, farmers, fisherfolk, women, youth, the marginalised, persecuted and indigenous communities. The Declaration deeply reflects the spirit of the NSF bringing together different actors under the banner of “another world is possible”.


Please sign the Declaration here.



Written by by the FTC’s two members

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