Friday’s Daily News Digest

June 25th, 2010

Corruption fight begins at home
Boston Globe, June 25, 2010

Guatemala’s Colom to Name Edgar Balsells as Finance Minister
Bloomberg Businessweek, June 24, 2010

Company convicted of tax evasion
The Straits Times (Singapore), June 25, 2010

Company director jailed for tax evasion
Stuff (New Zealand), June 25, 2010

Transfer Pricing As Tax Avoidance
Forbes, June 25, 2010

Ecuador Ctrl Bank Chief: Nation Removed From Task-Force List
Dow Jones, June 25, 2010

West’s financial system must stop flow of dirty money
The Guardian, June 25, 2010

Terror States at Issue in Weatherford FCPA Probe
Main Justice, June 24, 2010

Afghanistan vows no corruption over mineral riches
AFP, June 25, 2010

Philippines has to punish corrupt – campaigner
Reuters, June 25, 2010

Written by Scott Fahey

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