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August 20th, 2010

The links between terrorism and the global rogue economy
The Australian, August 21, 2010

Tax officials to soften stance on avoidance
Financial Times, August 20, 2010

Op-Ed: Let’s tackle the tax gap once and for all
The Guardian (Comment is Free), August 20, 2010

Tax exile, ‘shady financier’…and a political liability
Daily Mail, August 20, 2010

Tycoon’s tax arrangements highlight dilemma
Financial Times, August 20, 2010

Swiss banks face no US tax issues: Swiss envoy
Reuters, August 20, 2010

Hunt for Arroyos’ alleged ill-gotten wealth starts
ABS-CBN News, August 20, 2010

Karzai to allow anti-corruption teams continue work
The Washington Post, August 20, 2010

Karzai aide part of wider investigation, Afghan officials say
The Washington Post, August 20, 2010

Afghanistan corruption: How one town battled a shoddy school and won
Christian Science Monitor, August 20, 2010

Zambia won’t appeal dismissal of Chiluba graft ruling
AFP, August 19, 2010

Commonwealth Games head seeks corruption crackdown
Associated Press, August 19, 2010

$6 m Scam: Nigerian Court Halts Deportation Of U.S. Fugitive
Leadership (Nigeria), August 20, 2010

‘More than 10m children out of school because of corruption’
NEXT (Nigeria), August 20, 2010

Guatemalan judge orders ex-president held for trial on embezzlement charges
The Canadian Press, August 19, 2010

President’s pardon for corruption convict criticized
The Jakarta Post, August 20, 2010

Despite Scandals, Indian Mining Bosses Thrive
New York Times, August 19, 2010

Executive steps down for review of Apple kickback charges
IDG News, August 20, 2010

Bloody Mexico drug war boosts U.S. gun shops, banks
New York Daily News, August 20, 2010

Mexican Violence Spills Into U.S. Banking
The Street, August 20, 2010

Austria seeks whistleblowers amid wave of scandals
Reuters, August 20, 2010

SEC Now Offering Big Payoffs To Whistle-Blowers
Time Magazine, August 19, 2010

Thailand decides to extradite accused Russian arms dealer to U.S.
The Washington Post, August 20, 2010

Laws to Give Financial Regulator More Power
Business Day (South Africa), August 20, 2010

Written by Clark Gascoigne

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