Featured Allied Organization of the Week: HUMANBE

January 13th, 2012

Every other week, the Task Force highlights a Featured Allied Organization. The Task Force has more than 120 member organizations from all over the world which endorse its mission.  The current featured Allied Organization is HUMANBE.  To learn more about the Task Force Allied Organizations and to see a full list of our members please visit the Allied Organization webpage

HUMANBE is a unique organization focused on promoting sustainable development throughout all aspects of life: economic practices, the environment, social interaction, etc.  The organization’s mission is to change both the individual and collective behavior of society through the implementation of concrete and sustainable solutions. Recognized as an organization working to build a more humane society, HUMANBE makes every effort to build awareness of our interdependence.
HUMANBE’s latest global campaign is project ECCOPLANET. This campaign takes their holistic approach to sustainable development a step further by inviting individuals, businesses, and organizations to voluntarily report and share on their practices related to financial transparency, the environment, ethics, and much more.  Through ECCOPLANET, HUMANBE is working to build a transparent global network that promotes good practices in all activities.

For more information on HUMANBE please visit their website. If you would like to join project ECCOPLANET or learn more about the project please contact them at

Written by Sarah Bracht

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