Eva Joly Responds to Tax Superhero Award, Renews Commitment to Fight Illicit Financial Flows

May 20th, 2010

Eva Joly made the following statement in accepting Christian Aid’s 2010 Tax Superhero of the Year Award today:

Christian Aid announces the winner of the 2010 Tax Superhero of the Year award in the City of London on Wednesday.

‘I would like to thank Christian Aid as well as all the people who took part in the vote for this award. It is a great honour. I am very happy if my work can contribute to making the public aware of the damages of tax dodging on developing countries.

‘ Illicit financial flows from developing countries represents today roughly 10 times more than development aid. This vast sum is of absolute necessity for developing countries to face the current crises as well as to fulfil the basic needs of their citizens.

‘I am convinced that, if a binding mechanism is put in place, forcing Multinational Corporations to declare the profit they make and the taxes they pay in every developing country, Millennium Development Goals can be easily financed by developing countries’ themselves.

‘This award is a strong encouragement for me to keep on fighting against illicit financial flows and for more justice. Together with NGOs, in particular Christian Aid, I promise I will continue my work on this major topic.’

Written by Clark Gascoigne

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