DFID Releases Its Annual Report

July 16th, 2009

Today, the UK Department for International Development released its annual report, which sums up the work that DFID has done over the past year. Douglas Alexander, Secretary of State for International Development, said in a statement:

“The achievements highlighted here have helped to transform lives for the better. Thanks to DFID’s work in 2008, more than three million children have been vaccinated against measles – a disease which continues to claim lives across the developing world. We have helped train over 100,000 teachers, provided clean water to almost a million people, and given more than 12 million people access to better sanitation.”

And they did all of this with an aid budget of just £5.2 billion (about $8.5 billion). Just imagine what they could do if they had $1,000 billion more with which to work – the amount of money that is currently illicitly fleeing developing countries each year.

Written by Clark Gascoigne

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