2013 New Delhi – Financial Transparency: Challenges and Opportunities for Developing Countries

India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India

3 April 2013


The Task Force on Financial Integrity and Economic Development, in partnership with the Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability, hosted its first Asia regional conference, Financial Transparency: Challenges and Opportunities for Developing Countries, at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi on April 3, 2013

According to the latest report by Task Force member Global Financial Integrity, the Asia region lost an average of US$344.4 billion per annum in illicit financial flows from 2001-2010. It accounted for 60.91 percent of the total illicit financial flows from the developing world, with China, Malaysia, the Philippines, and India among the top 10 countries with the highest measured average annual illicit financial outflows over that decade. Conference panelists will address the issue of illicit financial flows in the Asian context and discuss possible solutions.


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