Back Like Always, April's TaxCast is Here!

April 23rd, 2014


The April 2014 edition of TaxCast has arrived. The monthly podcast produced by our colleagues at the Tax Justice Network is available below.

You can also view it on YouTube here.

In the April 2014 edition:

Forget Congress! The Taxcast looks at the latest US state to take matters into its own hands and legislate against tax havens. Also: the scandal of how the Bank for International Settlements has kept offshore private wealth data to itself, the British government tries to impress its friends in Washington with a ‘tough’ new tax evasion offence, taxing problems in Nigeria and…how will UK Parliamentarian Lord Blencathra manage now that his £12,000 (c.$20,000) a month contract with the Cayman Islands has been terminated?

Featuring:Tax Justice Network Director John Christensen, Main Rep. Adam Goode, Phineas Baxandall of US PIRG, Mike Kadas of the Montana Revenue Department, Director of Ethical Consumer and the Fair Tax Mark Leonie Nimmo, and Main residents.

The TaxCast is produced by @naomi_fowler for the Tax Justice Network.

Written by Financial Transparency Coalition

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