Announcing the "Enough Food For Everyone – IF" Campaign

January 23rd, 2013

This week more than 100 organisation have joined together to launch the biggest campaign since Make Poverty History. ENOUGH FOOD FOR EVERYONE – IF aims to tackle hunger which grips our world.

1 in 8 people on the planet go to bed hungry every night and more than 2 million children die from malnutrition annually.

At a time when progress is being made in many key areas of the development of poor countries these are shocking statistics. It highlights that our global food system is broken and it’s why Christian Aid, Action Aid, Oxfam and dozens of other organisations are joining together to say there is ENOUGH FOOD FOR EVERYONE – IF we tackle the causes of hunger.

The campaign focuses on addressing four key issues which could ensure that everyone has the food they need to live from.

  • If aid is invested in the right places small-scale farmers will have the support they need to grow food.
  • If we tackle tax dodging in poor countries governments could have the money they need to ensure their citizens are fed.
  • If farmers are not forced from their land they can grow the crops needed to feed people
  • If governments and big companies are honest and open about their actions that currently prevent people getting enough food.

This campaign will not end hunger in 2013, but it could start the process that does end hunger, if we address these issues. With the UK hosting the G8 in June we have the opportunity to press world leaders to make these changes happen and ensure there is enough food for everyone. It’s a hugely ambitious and exciting campaign. For it to be a success we must come together and speak as one to those in power to push for a just world.

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Written by Joseph Stead

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