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No ‘Bolivarian Alternative’ to Transparency
October 11th, 2010

Venezuela Lost Over US$33 Billion in Illicit Financial Outflows in 20081

Hugo Chávez again took to his twitter account last week, expressing his support for Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa in the midst of an uprising by disgruntled police officers. While a firm fan of new social media, Mr. Chávez tends to take a dim view of the more traditional sort. Since his election to the presidency in 1998, he has sought to muffle opposition, with state dominance of the media at the heart of his ‘Bolivarian Revolution’. Invariably a government seeking to control the...
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Guatemala must change its tax regime to stop children dying
September 8th, 2010
The Latin American country is wealthy, but the extreme gap between rich and poor causes a multitude of problems Isabel is four years old. Her belly and ankles are swollen and she walks as if it hurts a little bit. Her family, who live in eastern Guatemala, have not had the means to feed her properly, so she is being treated for kwashiorkor – acute malnutrition. Even though it is classified by the World Bank as a middle income country, the level of inequality in Guatemala is such that almost half its children under five ...
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