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Incorporation Standards in Banking: A Race to the Bottom
April 10th, 2014
Sometimes—even usually—competition is a good thing. It lowers market prices; it sent a man to the moon; and it’s responsible for thousands of Olympic medals. In many cases, competitions–or races–are responsible for innovation, efficiency, and better performance. In these cases, an individual actor’s pursuit of victory leads to the betterment of society, a market, or a generation of athletes. However, sometimes competitions—or races—instead lead to worse outcomes for society. Often called a “race to the bottom,” these kinds of competitions include, for example, international degradations of environmental and labor standards. This kind of race also happens in...
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A Needle In A (Big Unlabeled) Haystack
March 18th, 2014
While President Vladimir Putin’s name didn’t make the first round of sanctions issued against Russian officials yesterday, the Obama administration said that his addition might not be far off, according to a recent article in the Associated Press. How this will affect Russian actions in Ukraine remains to be seen, but with President Putin in
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Tax Haven USA: New York Times Articles Expose Need to Abolish Anonymous U.S. Shell Companies
July 3rd, 2012
WASHINGTON, DC – Two recent articles published in The New York Timesexpose how criminals, terrorists, corrupt foreign politicians, and tax evaders abuse anonymous U.S. shell companies to launder their profits and impede law enforcement investigators, highlighting the need—says Global Financial Integrity (GFI)—for Congress to enact legislation requiring disclosure of the true (human) beneficial owners of corporations, trusts and foundations.
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