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Offshore Spotlight Turns on Israel
August 17th, 2009
Globes Online, an Israeli business publication, has an article today detailing how the US crackdown on offshore tax evasion has reached Israel:

The war that US President Barack Obama is waging against concealment of assets and tax evasion, and the legislation against tax havens that he has been promoting, is extending beyond the borders of the US and liable to affect people who hold accounts at banks in Israel. Under us regulations, a US citizen who fails to report by the end of September 2009 any account worth more than $10,000 held in a non-US...

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Closer watch on ownership transfer in cos
August 13th, 2009
NEW DELHI: Non-disclosure of transfer of beneficial ownership by promoters has caught the eye of policymakers. While noose has already tightened on listed companies after the Satyam episode by market regulator Sebi, the focus has now turned to tightening the disclosure for non-listed companies.
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