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New brief highlights who really makes the rules on illicit flows
February 23rd, 2017
It is prevailing wisdom that a country’s head of state, minister of finance, or other elected officials would be the ones setting the rules of its financial system. Taxation, finance and monetary systems are cited as the quintessential “sovereign” issues, where a state exercises full control. But this is not always the case. While national-level
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Ecuador poised to take historic stand on tax havens
February 21st, 2017
PRESS RELEASE As final votes are tallied, approval of ‘tax haven referendum’ seems imminent  Alongside national elections, voters in Ecuador went to the polls over the weekend to decide the fate of what became known as the ‘tax haven referendum’, a yes-or-no vote to bar public servants from holding assets in jurisdictions that are designated to
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Authorities should disclose information about efforts to stop banks laundering money
February 15th, 2017
Transparency International today said bank regulators need to publish much more information about whether banks are doing what’s required by law to stop money laundering. This would ensure that citizens and businesses can be confident corrupt individuals and organisations, criminals, or terrorists are not using the global banking system. A new report from Transparency International
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The G20 agreed to help stop corruption by publishing open data. So far, they haven’t kept that promise.
- Sunday Feb 26 - 9:47pm

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