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We surveyed our stakeholders, and here’s what they thought
June 20th, 2017
It’s always important to reflect on a coalition’s role in the broader movement, and take the temperature of key partners and friends. So this spring, we asked our email list of approximately 6,000 people, our 6,800 Twitter followers, and our 164 Allied Organizations what they got out of the FTC, and what they’d like to
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World gathers at UN, but stymies UN’s role in tax and transparency
May 24th, 2017
PRESS RELEASE As negotiators met in New York to discuss how to pay for development, new agreements on curbing illicit financial flows were worryingly absent NEW YORK—Government negotiators, members of civil society and the private sector met in New York this week to follow up on the United Nation’s Financing for Development commitments. But despite the continued drain
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Last year, 853 Belgian companies reported transferring deposits to “blacklisted” countries.
- Thursday Aug 17 - 5:11pm

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