Partnership Panel

Partnership Panel

The Partnership Panel is comprised of governments and foundations associating with the Coalition, and broadly supportive of the agenda of the Coalition, without necessarily having taken a position on each recommendation and agenda item of the Coalition. The Partnership Panel’s mandate is to facilitate meetings with other government officials, provide information on discussions and conferences that are relevant to the Coalition, and strategize on how to best promote Coalition goals within governments, multilateral organizations, and other institutions that could advance the goals of the Coalition. In return, the Coalition serves as a resource for Partnership Panel members on technical issues, building relationships with civil society, and where possible, supporting the members’ priority projects to stem illicit financial flows.

  • Government of Belgium
  • Government of Canada
  • Government of Chile
  • Government of Denmark
  • Government of Finland
  • Government of France
  • Government of Germany
  • Government of Greece
  • Government of India
  • Government of the Netherlands
  • Government of Norway
  • Government of Peru
  • Government of South Africa
  • Government of Spain
  • Secretariat of the Leading Group on Innovative Financing for Development which represents these governments
  • Ford Foundation

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