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“The trend is in our direction.” Appeals Court loss is latest setback for oil company secrecy campaign.
May 2nd, 2013
Two key moments stand out for me last week. On Monday I saw former Senator Lugar (R-IN) receiveTransparency International USA’s “Integrity Award” for his work to combat corruption, whether through his oversight hearings of World Bank projects or his leadership on the Dodd-Frank Act, specifically the Cardin-Lugar oil, gas and mining payment disclosure provision. . During a dinner co-sponsored by Exxon, Senator Lugar recounted his lobby visits from oil company representatives during the consideration of this legislation that now requires oil, gas and mining companies to disclose their payments to host governments. After hearing them out, Lugar and his...
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The fight is on! Anti-poverty and financial transparency campaigners take on big oil
February 14th, 2012
In the first Star Wars movie, Luke Skywalker and friends somehow blew up the Death Star. That’s a bit how we felt in 2010 when after years of fighting we got a new global financial transparency requirement into the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. The provision requires oil, gas, and mining companies to disclose tax and other payments in every country of operation. As I’ve been writing about in the last two weeks, we now feel like we are in The Empire Strikes Back. The oil industry has threatened to sue the SEC if they don’t get a regulation...
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RT @meberazategui: Some ideas about how #G20 countries could do better in implementing their beneficial ownership principles. @DeliaFerreir
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