Announcement from the FTC executive director

June 1st, 2020

It is with a heavy heart that I announce my departure as Executive Director of the Financial Transparency Coalition. My tenure will be complete this month.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the members of the FTC Coordinating Committee who, in October 2017, put their trust in me to lead the FTC’s transition to a new membership and operating model, built on a full and equal complement of Global South members.

It has been an immense privilege to lead the Coalition through this transition and I am very proud of our efforts to evolve the FTC and build on the work of our predecessors in the secretariat and members’ Coordinating Committee.

I have every confidence that this hard work will continue to pay off by the FTC supporting its members to have an outsized impact in the fight against illicit financial flows. This is especially vital in the face of the health and economic crises; fighting the pernicious effect of the lost resources citizens and states are entitled to is more urgent than ever.

Last week’s Health versus Wealth? event had hundreds of viewers drawn from over 70 countries  watching experts debate the priorities for tax justice and financial transparency. It is just the latest testament to the power of this Coalition to convene key stakeholders to change the terms of debate on illicit financial flows.

A final and wholehearted thank you to the secretariat team, whose dedication and support has been exemplary.  Though taking place behind the scenes their contribution has been critical to the FTC’s ongoing impact and success.

Thank you

Sargon Nissan
1 June 2020

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